Android 11: Everything You Need To Know About This New Android Version

Finally, Google has revealed the next iteration of Android operating system, Android 11. Which is quite surprising because this is the earliest that Google has come out with any android developer preview. And with this Android 11 developer preview, Google is making some big promises. According to google, the next iteration of their operating system will provide better support for 5G, better privacy features, and new messaging interfaces.

Hence, here in this article we have listed features that are presented in Android 11 Developer Review. Along with name of this upcoming android version also the release date of this android version.

Android 11 Developer Preview Features

Bubbles Chat

After a long time, Now as a android user you will get this amazing feature, With this amazing feature you can easily interact with multiple conversation at same time.

Privacy & Permissions

With this coming operating system, Google is trying to provide more security to their users. As per google, with Android 11 you can provide one-time permissions for locations, microphones and camera to better safeguard your privacy.

With Android 11 you can give single-use permissions to an app, once the task gets completed, Android 11 will take the permission back from the app.

New Conversation

To make chatting experience easy and interesting, Android 11 will have a new conversation tab in the notification area which will have most recent messages. With this conversation tab you can easily reply to messages as well can send images. Which means that you don’t have to open the app to send photos anymore.

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Mute Notification While Using Camera

Yes, with this new Google OS, you will be able to mute notifications while using camera. As well as while doing video call you can mute notifications to talk without disturbance.

Enhanced Dark Mode

In previous Android OS, Android 10, Google has introduced Dark Mode. And in android 11, google is going to enhance this feature. In Android 11, You will get an option to schedule enable and disable timing for dark mode.

5G Network Support

As per Google, Android 11 will bring support for newer standards in technology, including 5G and foldable phones. The operating system thus is expected to help drive the industry forward by helping provide a platform for these newer technologies to thrive on.

Android 11 Name

With the release Android 10, Google has confirmed and drop the alphabetical order from its nomenclature for naming Android versions, Therefore this coming android version will be known as Android 11 and won’t be called Android R or anything.

Android 11 Release Date

Google traditionally releases the final, public version of Android during the last few months of the year, As a result, it quite possible that Android 11 will get release in between August and September of 2020.

So, this is the complete information received so far for Android 11. If, you like this information about Android 11, then don’t forget to share it with others.

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