4 Best Games Like Pubg | Alternatives of Pubg Mobile

After the popularity of pubg game, many games with the same format have arrived in the market. But the formats of some games are not good enough as pubg. But the format of some games is giving good competition to playerunknowns battleground pubg. Below we have listed 4 best games like pubg in terms of gaming experience, graphics etc.

4 Best games like Pubg:

Ring Of Elysium:

The basic gameplay of this game is quite similar to PUBG mobile. Both games have vehicles in their maps, but Ring Of Elysium takes it further by having three classes: Gliding Pack, Climbing Pack, Skiing Pack.


Apart from this In Ring Of Elysium, players get an overview of the map also choice to select location from where they want to start and wants to make their spawn point. Rest players can also see the selected spawn point of other players.

The most interesting and major difference between these two games is game ending. In Pubg, last circle you have to kill to kill other player or team to get chicken dinner.

In Ring of Elysium ending is quite interesting, The last circle starts when the storm takes over everything except one final player area. and in a last circle one rescue helicopter is sent, which stops at a certain position and drops a ladder for players to climb. And only 4 players can climb to ladder and can rescue by the helicopter. Now as a player It’s up to the you/players to show mercy to their opponents & climb up to be rescued, or knock out others and not let anyone escape except yourself.

Call of Duty 2019:


One of the best pubg mobile alternative, and on google play store Call of Duty:Mobile has received the title of best game of 2019. The major differences between PUBG and CoD is how their game upgrades works. In PUBG Mobile upgrades works on their costumes, themes and skins and outfit. Whereas Call of Duty Mobile offers a collection of character styles and some accessory details like wingsuit colour or parachute and other body features.

In CoDM as a user you will get a chance to choose and upgrade weapons. Also after levelling up In call of duty you can unlocks different weapons and can make primary and secondary weapons from them.

The one more differences is both’s gameplay, PUBG Mobile is a simple survival game where jump from plane, survive in the game to win. Whereas in Call of Duty Mobile you begin your journey from small,get a full range of skills that PUBG doesn’t offer.

Creative Destruction

Season passes of Creative destruction offers some amazing and fabulous outfits for gun skins. Although you have to pay some certain amount get most out of them, but still the stuff you earn by playing is enough to keeps you satisfied.

As Compared to PUBG, Creative Destruction provides more colorful gameplay that is enhanced by superb customization. In terms of visualizations/graphics the game is quite similar to Fortnite. However, the game runs smoothly and perfect for low-range to budget smartphones. On google play store Creative Destruction has 4.2 ratings with more than 10 million downloads and installs.



After Call of Duty:Mobile, Fortnite is the second biggest competitor and alternative of pubg. Fortnite is the best option who wants to play battle royal game without too much violence in the game. Both Pubg and Fortnite  games are based on survival game. In terms of graphics, PUBG has military based graphics that provides realistic feel, whereas Fortnite is based on color and cartoonish theme.

One of the biggest difference between these two games is that Fortnite have construction elements which is something achievable and workable.

Also, you can play fortnite game in playstation, whereas pubg is supportable to PC, Xbox One , iOS and Android.


So, these are the 4 best pubg game alternatives, which provides quite similar even better gaming experience than the pubg mobile.

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