Can iPhone Get Virus? Answer Will Surprise You

Can iPhone Get Virus? If, yes then How? Today we will tell you will it be possible for adware/malware to get inside your iPhone or any iPhone? Since we all know that Android and Windows are two of the most insecure platforms/OS in which virus can ride off. Whereas most people believe that the iPhone is secure and can’t let virus to get inside the iPhone. But is it true? Because as per one gentleman “Yes, iPhone can get virus!!”, But How?

Can iPhone Get Virus?

As per the latest interview with Digital Trends, Maik Morgenstern the chief technology officer of AV-TEST said  “Yes, In theory” it’s possible for iPhone to get a virus.  “However, the practical hurdles are quite high, and it is unlikely for a normal user to get affected. But vulnerabilities exist that can be exploited by attackers.”

As per Maik Morgenstern, “Since iOS is a closed ecosystem, users can only install apps from the App Store which is thoroughly checked by Apple,”. “It is unlikely that malware writers will get malware in the store.”

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, there have been incidents where legitimate apps in the iOS App Store were infected with malware. In one case cybercriminals were able to trick Chinese app developers into using a counterfeit version of an Apple development tool.

“Another infection vector may be vulnerabilities in iOS which may allow attackers to infect your device,” Morgenstern said in an interview.

How Safe is Your iPhone?

In terms of security, the iPhone is famous for its walled garden approach it doesn’t allow for as much choice and customization as some of the alternatives, but there are some benefits to being more restrictive.

As we said earlier vulnerabilities in iOS will be other factors for attackers to infect your iPhone. As in 2017, WikiLeaks has published the details of the CIA’s hacking tools. Which CIA had used to break into iPhones by exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS.

Apart from those vulnerabilities, the iPhone is also not safe from phishing attacks. As they don’t require an app to get installed in your iPhone to spread the virus. With just one malicious link your iPhone can get in trouble.

Circumstances Your iPhone Affected or Can be Affected By Malware?

If your iPhone behaving or running strangely or Apps doing unconditional things. In that case, your iPhone could be infected with the virus. Or if you are using jailbroken iPhone, then, it’s possible that your jailbroken iPhone could get malware.

If you find your iPhone is affected with the virus than follow below things to get rid of from virus.

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Remove virus from your iPhone

Delete Apps: Remove the app that you think may have carried virus in your iPhone.

Restore backup: If the above steps don’t work. Then you should try to restore from a backup that you know isn’t infected.

Factory Reset: Restoring your phone to factory settings (but not before backing up your data!). Use this option only if there is no option left.

Up-To-Date: Make sure your iPhone is up to date from the latest OS version to the latest apps version.

So, at last, iPhone can get Virus through phishing attacks, through iPhone vulnerabilities, and also from iOS App store(Difficult but not impossible). If you ever face any viruses or any unconditional issues in your iPhone then share with us by leaving it in below comment box.

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