WhatsApp Can Be Defeated By This 5 WhatsApp Alternatives

Whatsapp continues to be the biggest and giant messaging social media platform in the world. But some significant privacy issues which happened recently, can make an impact on its popularity and can make user to switch on other available social media platforms.  Will WhatsApp be popular in future too? Can WhatsApp be defeated in coming years? If, yes then what are the best alternatives of WhatsApp that you, me or anyone should use? In this article we have answered all such type questions so that you can get all the relevant information on this topic.

Can WhatsApp Be Defeated?

Thanks to reader Indrajith Prathapan who asked this question on quora, with some great features and regular update, WhatsApp is the popular messaging app among social media platforms. As per latest stats more than 1.9 billion peoples are using WhatsApp and more than 60 billion message are sending in a single day on their platform. These stats shows how often we are using WhatsApp.

Apart from these great stats, WhatsApp has some limitations as well as this messaging platform facing some privacy and security issue which may be the concern for its reputation.

If we talk about the major limitation of WhatsApp, then the file sharing size would be a major concern. The maximum file size allowed for all media (photos, videos or voice messages) to be sent or forwarded through WhatsApp is 16 MB on all platforms.

Whereas after being purchased by facebook, users were promised that their data remain secure and private. But things are not same, facebook purchased whatsapp in 2014, and from 2015 we saw WhatsApp hacks/ vulnerability incidents including “Malicious Card Vulnerabilities” to “Pegasus Incident” and current “Video File Threat”.

As per our point of view, WhatsApp is no longer secure after being purchased by Mark Zuckerberg. And if WhatsApp didn’t work on their users privacy and security, it quite possible that in coming months or years whatsapp get defeated by other social media apps.

We listed some other popular messaging apps who can take over on Whatsapp in coming months.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives:

Signal Private Messenger


Signal would be great Whatsapp alternative in terms privacy based chatting platform. The Signal app is another privacy-focused messaging app.

Signal has been endorsed by Edward Snowden and data security advocates. Communications in the Signal app is end-to-end encrypted, and you can set up timers for messages to be auto-deleted. The Signal App team also working on to reduce the amount of required sender information.


It’s a best privacy feature messaging app as you don’t need to enter mobile number to use this app. You can also control your message history of your chats so that you can change how much new users can see chat. Riot.im is a great organizational platform as well as a secure messenger. Its green, clean UI kind of reminds of WhatsApp too, so those moving over won’t feel too homesick.


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Right now Telegram Messenger is the one of top WhatsApp competitor also one of best WhatsApp alternative. On telegram you can create group of upto 5,000 members. And on telegram you can share files up to 1.5GB. Telegram deliver messages faster than any other messaging app available. Also, if you are developer you can use Telegram API free of cost.



Maybe you heard about this app and may not be. Line is the Japanese application that offers some amazing features like: conference calls, clean and decent interfaces. You can also set self-destruct timers to delete messages from LINE’s servers.


Kik is a great messaging app for users who don’t want to use their number to operate a messaging application. While chat services like WhatsApp require users to use their number, I know many users who are not comfortable with sharing their personal numbers to these platforms. When you sign up on the Kik, it will create a unique username, so that you can share it with your friends as well as other kik users to start a chat with them.


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So, as per our research above mentioned are the best whatsapp alternatives. You can use any of them as per your need. At last, we just want to know what do you think, Will whatsapp remain popular/trending messaging app in coming months/years? Share your answer in below comment section. And also if you know any of alternative which we missed to add in our list, mention it in below comment section.

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