Coronavirus Quiz: Let's Play The Quiz & Break The Chain Of Coronavirus

Since Corona cases are increasing daily, Here we created a quiz about coronavirus to make you aware about this virus. In this quiz we have added questions releated to it’s symptoms, precautions as well myths of coronavirus.

We request you to play our coronavirus quiz so that you can know what exactly coronavirus is and is all myths are true or not.

Let's Play Coronavirus Quiz!

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1. Identify Correct Symptoms of Coronavirus

Hand Dryers can kill the coronavirus?

3. Minimum Distance Should Maintain With Others

Spraying Alcohol or chlorine on body will kill the coronavirus?

5. Wearing a Mask is Necessary?
6. Find out Incorrect Coronavirus Precaution
7. Wash Your Hands For At Least_________

Antibiotics is effective treating the new coronavirus?

9. Which is Not a Symptom of Coronavirus?
10. Which statement is true about Coronavirus?
11. Taking Hot Bath can prevent from Coronavirus?

Impact of Coronavirus in Countries

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