How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number(100% Working Way)

Gmail one of the popular and leading mailing network in the market. Many people are using a gmail account on daily basis for sharing information. And as per research report more than billions of users are there on Gmail that uses these mailing services on daily basis. Have you ever tried to create gmail account without phone number? Might be you have tried and definitely you didn’t find a working solution. That’s why you are here! So let’s have a look at the working trick to create gmail without mobile number.

How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number?

Gmail or any other email address is a type of identification by which receiver identifies the person who sends mail to him/her. Because of that’s while creating an email address you have enter all your valid personal details along with phone number so that Google can verify your identity and you can create your account for use. But here we have a simple and easy trick that you can use to create gmail without verifying phone number or repeating same number.

Steps to create gmail without mobile number:

  1. First of all, open any internet browser and type:
  2. gmail-account-without-phone-number.PNGAfter that click on Sign In Button
  3. gmail-account-creation-without-number.pngNow Click on Create account Button and Select an option To Manage My Business
  4. fill-form-to-create-gmail-without-phone.jpgNow fill the form with correct details and click on next.
  5. phone-number-form-gmail-account.jpgAs you can see in above image “Phone Number is optional” and “Recovery Email is also optional” so just fill the other information and click on next button and agree the google terms & conditions to start using your first without phone number gmail account.

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[Note: This trick allows you to create only one gmail account without phone number. ]

So, with above trick you can create a gmail account without phone number. If the trick helps you to create a gmail without mobile number, then do not forgot to share this trick with others, so that they can also get benefit.

2 thoughts on “How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number(100% Working Way)”

  1. Hello.. My gmail account password is lost. Nd recovery phone no is issued by someone else. He refused to give my verification code. Pls help. I hv so many personal data in it.

    • Hi there, Sorry for replying late. Hope you’ve got a solution of your problem. If not, you can try recovery email method to recover your password. Just click on try another way when gmail ask you to provide mobile number & follow the process to recover your password. If this method won’t solve your problem then you can call on google for support, here is the toll-free number: 650-253-0000.


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