Google Is Working On It’s Own Google Debit Card

After the success of Google Pay,  Google is now working on it’s own Google Debit Card/Smart Card. As per techcrunch report, this smart card of google will give tough competition to apple card. Since it will be a google card,  you will get some amazing features for using it. In this article, we have listed all the features of google card. And how this card gonna work for online payment.

Google Debit Card: Google Smart Card & Virtual Card

With interview of Techcrunch, Google has informed that they are working on their own physical and virtual debit card. And with this virtual debit card, as user you will be able to do online shopping and can pay payments online with that card.

Till now, as per assumption this card will named as “Google Card”. Apart from online shopping and bill payments, you can use this card to check your account balance, as well can use to lock your account. – Mentioned in the report, published by Techcrunch.

As per report, For own debit card, Google is going to collaborate with different bank partners like CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Union. And Google card will be connected to Google’s app. After this news, it seems that every tech giants is turning towards Financial Business.

How To Use Google Debit Card For Payment?

To do online payment, users have to add money in the card from their account connected with Google app. After that users could pay for purchases in retail stores with a physical Google debit card, including with contactless payments, by just holding it up to a card reader.

A virtual version of the card that lives on a user’s phone can also be used for Bluetooth mobile payments. Meanwhile, a virtual card number can be used for online or in-app payments.

Is it secure to use Google Debit Card For Online Payment?

Since it’s google debit card, to secure your account/card google has some features for you. If a customer suspects foul play because they lost their card, they can lock it and optionally order a replacement while still being able to pay with their phone or online, thanks to Google’s virtual card number system that’s different than the one on their physical card. If instead they suspect their virtual card number was stolen by a hacker, they can quickly reset it. And if they believe someone has gained unauthorized access to their account, they can lock it entirely to block all types of payments and transfers.

So, that’s all about Google Debit Card/Smart Card, Hope you find all the relevant information which you should have to. If you find article is informative, then share it with others and let others know about this physical and virtual card of Google.

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