Tangi App | Google Tangi App or Tiktok Which is Better?

With tangi app, Google has join the race of short video making apps. But unlike tiktok, with tangi Google wants peoples to learn something new every day. Since tangi is a Google product/app, most of the marketers seeing this app as a biggest competitor of tiktok.

Tangi app: Complete Review and How to use guide.

As we said earlier, this app is quite similar to tiktok, and just like tiktok on tangi app you can upload upto 60 seconds video. But the category feature of this app makes it unique from tiktok. At present, google has launched tangi with few categories like:Art, DIY, Lifestyle , Beauty and fashion, Cooking.

Tangi only available for iphone users!!

At present, Tangi mobile app is only available for ios. Which is quite surprising as google is ignoring it’s own mobile platform “Android”.

Can you earn money with this app?

The answer is no, for now you can’t earn money from this app. But in future it can possible. As we all know, youtube is the child product of google, and on youtube creators/youtuber can earn money. Hence, we can assume that in future google will introduce earning system in this app.

How to use Tangi App in iPhone?

  • First and most common step, install the app in your iphone.
  • After that, sign up in the app, and login with details you provided at the time of signup.
  • tangi-app-logged-in-suggestion-buddyOnce you get logged-in, you will see a button “Apply Now”. Just click on it, and fill the form with all your relevant information.
  • Once you complete the form, just hit the submit button to send your creator application to google for review.
  • tangi-app-creator-application.pngGoogle will review your application within 7 days, If google approves your application, you will become a creator of tangi app. And can upload your 60 seconds talent video.

Still Android users can use this app!!

Still, there is one way that android users can use to access this app. To use this app android users have to visit on tangi official website “tangi.co“, Once the website gets load, user have to follow same sign up and creator process which we have discussed above.

So this is the complete review of Google’s Tangi App. At last we want to know your opinions on, is Tangi app better than tiktok?

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