WhatsApp Latest News: Government Can Read Your WhatsApp Chats

On WhatsApp a message going viral which claims that government can read your personal WhatsApp chats/conversations. The message also claims that there’s a new red check/tick feature which indicates government status for your WhatsApp message. So what’s the full matter? And is it true that Government can read our WhatsApp personal chats and conversations?

Viral Message Claim

From last few months a message going viral on WhatsApp, which claims that government can read everyone WhatsApp chats. And the viral message claims that soon there will be new rules for check/tick (✔) mark.


The message claims that soon whatsapp have three check/tick marks. The last tick mark indicates the status of government on your whatsapp message. The tick mark rule will be understood as follows:

Single Mark (✔) means, message is sent

Two Mark (✔) (✔) indicate… message has been delivered

Two Blue Mark (✔) (✔) indicates.. The message has been read by receiver

Three Blue Ticks (✔) (✔) (✔) Means. Govt has noticed your message

Two Blue Ticks (✔) (✔) and one red tick (✔) means Govt can take action against you and your message

One Blue Tick (✔) and two red ticks (✔) (✔) marks means Govt. Initiated action on you for message

Three red ticks (✔) (✔) (✔) marks indicate that Govt. already taken action severe action upon you & soon you will receive summon from court for sending negative messages or spreading fake rumors etc.

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Is it true government can see our chats?

Thanks to Times of India News, as their report disclose the truth behind this news. According to Times of India report, Government cannot read any chat even Government can’t see our whatsapp conversation. Because the message sent over the whatsapp chats are encrypted with end-to-end encryption and the company (Whatsapp) itself can’t read our chats.

So, if you receive this message or such kind of message ignore it, and inform others not to believe on such messages.

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