14 Ways To Increase Internet Speed By 200%

Slow internet speed makes everyone frustrated? But getting frustrated is not the solutions of slow internet. Therefore here, we have listed some best ways to increase your internet speed by 200%. All you have to do is just go through with our article and follow the ways we mentioned here.

What’s Your Current Internet Speed?

Before going to follow any step to fix your slow internet speed you should check your internet speed. Because, by doing this you will know whether your internet speed is really slow or it is just your false belief.

You should check your internet speed on at least two websites, from this you will be able to guess what the speed you are actually getting and whether your internet speed is slow or not. For most accurate internet speed result, we believes on “speedtest.net” ,  “fast.com” and “onlinespeedtest.com” websites.

If you are going to do internet speed test through speedtest.net, then you should change your internet server. Like: We are using Airtel internet and located in delhi, we changed the server with Bharti Airtel Ltd before testing internet speed.

After doing internet speed test, if you feel that your internet speed is slow then, it’s time to go on next step.


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Common Reasons Why Your Internet Speed Is Slow?

Common Reasons Of Slow Internet Speed Suggestion Buddy

Before going to boost up internet speed, you should figure out the reasons why your internet speed is slow. Below are some common reasons why your speed is slow.

#Reason 1: Number of Devices are connected

If you are using wifi, and the speed is slow then, number of users connected with wifi would be a common reason of fall of internet speed.

#Reason 2: Internet Down

Another reason for slow internet could be, server maintenance. Because due to internet server maintenance sometimes internet stops running, and sometimes it causes internet speed to slow down.

#Reason 3: Internet Cable

Internet cable could be another reason of slow internet speed, because if your internet cable is broken, then the transfer rate of your internet will get reduce. Which means, with broken cable, data will transmitted at slow rate/speed, which could be a reason of slow internet speed.

#Reason 4: Don’t know about plan speed

While dealing with slow internet, you should know your current internet plan speed. We are saying this, because internet plan “MBps” and “Mbps” makes people confuse about their plan.

Basically, MBps = megabytes whereas Mbps = megabits. So, if your plan speed is 12Mbps then in real you are getting 1.5MBps per second (divide Mbps with 8 to know exact MBps per second you are getting)

So once you know the common issue of slow internet speed, It’s time to increase internet speed with some easy ways.

14 Best Ways To Increase Internet Speed By 200%

Ways To Increase Internet Speed Suggestion Buddy

WiFi In Bad Spot

If you have a big home, and your big distance from your router could be a reason of slow internet speed. To confirm, try to test your speed when you are near to your router also when you are away from internet. If you notice a difference, then you should invest in some WiFi extenders for a mesh network.

Background Program Slows Down Internet Speed

While fixing a slow internet issue, it’s good to check your computer/device any programs are running in the background or not. Because background apps can heavily impact on your network and cause connections to appear slow.

Device is Infected with Virus

Yes, virus can be another reason for slow internet speed. Because viruses can steal your resources without you knowing you and will slow down your Internet speed. So, if your device is infected with virus then it could be another reason of slow internet speed.

Delete Unused Apps

Yes, unused apps can slow down your internet speed. Because unused applications can slow down the performance of other apps and your smartphone on the whole, which could lead to patchy internet speed while browsing.

Unusual Ads

Advertisement would be another reason of slow internet speed, because sometime advertisement consume more data to load than the entire web page .

Devices causing Interference

Other electromagnetic devices in your modem area, could cause modem to slows down your internet speed.  If so, then try moving speakers out of the way and getting other electronic devices out of your modem space.

Upgrade your Internet Plan

After doing internet speed test, if you are getting correct speed, then instead of fixing you should upgrade your internet plan with the speed you wanted. For example, 5 Mbps is enough if you are alone. But if you have family that likes to stream frequently, then around 20 Mbps is good for you.

Try Different Modem / Router

Yes, you should change and try different modem/router to increase internet speed. If your router/modem is more than three years old, then you have to upgrade your router/modem with a most recent one. Because all electronic gadgets suffer a certain amount of depreciation after a few years.  And purchasing a new device is the only solution for this issue.

Unplug And Restart Your Router

If your router or modem is new, then you should try this step to increase your internet speed. Because restart router allows your router to clear router cache and start from scratch.

Update Router or Modem Software

All router has it’s own firmware/software, Outdated software version could be a result of slow internet speed. So, if your router has outdated firmware, then you should update it first, and check whether internet speed increase or not.

Outdated Browser

Check your browser, is it up-to-date or not? because internet browser can result in slow webpage load time, video stream etc. Which makes you feel that your internet speed is slow.

Reduce Number of Devices/Users Connected On Network

Like we said earlier, that number of devices can slows down the internet speed. If possible, then limit or reduce the number of devices connected on you network. If it’s not possible then you should upgrade your internet plan for better internet speed.

Change Internet Cable

As we said earlier, that broken cable can reduce slows down internet speed. So, it’s good to establish a new internet cable between your computer and router.

Ask for Help

If none of above way fix your issue, then it’s time to contact your Internet Service Provider and modem company for help, ask them for a line test and way to increase internet speed.


So, these are 14 best ways that our team knows to increase internet speed, hope this tricks will help you to increase your internet speed by 200%. Do you know any other ways to increase internet speed? if yes, then we would be really interested to know your tricks. Comment down your ways, so that other can also get benefit from it.

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