Jackfruit And Durian Can Be Used To Charge Your Phone’s Battery

Till now we heard about electricity can be made through water and sun but researchers of Sydney has found a way to produce electricity from plants and fruits. And that electricity can be use to charge small electricity like battery of smartphoe. However, researchers have only used fruits called jackfruit and durian to generate electricity.

Jackfruit and Durian Can Store Electricity

Researchers of the University of Sydney published the study in the Journal of Energy Storage, in which they explained how jackfruit and durian can store electricity. And also explained that generated electricity can be used to charge small electronic devices. At the same time researchers have also explained how in tropical regions fruits can be converted into super capacitors?

A supercapacitor, also called an ultracapacitor, it typically stores 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than electrolytic capacitors.  Which can be use to supply power to charge electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, within just a few seconds.

How they prepared electricity from Jackfuit and Durian ?

The researchers used the green engineering method to generate electricity from Jackfruit and Durian. Actually it is commonly used for heating water and drying fruits. Through this, the researchers had converted durian and jackfruit into stable carbon aerogels. Because carbon aerogels uses to make good super-capacitors.

Name of Researchers, And how this technology be used for?

School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering academic Associate Professor Vincent Gomes and the research team managed to turn the tropical fruits into super-capacitors. And according to them:

“We have reached a point where we must urgently discover and produce ways to create and store energy using sustainably-sourced materials that do not contribute to global warming,” said Associate Professor Gomes.


Confronted with this and the world’s rapidly depleting supplies of fossil fuels, naturally-derived super-capacitors are leading the way for developing high efficiency energy storage devices.”

So this was the story about how jackfruit and durian can be use to generate electricity and charge the phone. If you like this short story, do not forget to share it. Also, do not forget to follow us for similar tech news.

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