New WhatsApp Hacks of 2020: Know About it or let your whatsapp in trouble

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the giant messaging platform among all the social media. And it seems that WhatsApp is not having a good time. After getting affected by Pegasus incident, and recently WhatsApp confirmed that new vulnerability affecting whatsapp users and their data. But whats next? Are there any other hacks left to see in WhatsApp? What are the new threats to WhatsApp in 2020? What are new hacks of WhatsApp we can see in next year 2020?

New WhatsApp Hacks in 2020!!

It’s definitely hard to predict whats new whatsapp hacks we could see in 2020. As it hard to understand the hacker’s minds, but below listed whatsapp hacks are just our assumptions. We listed below hacks on the basis of previous whatsapp vulnerabilities.

1.      Images Can Hack WhatsApp Account: Like a recent whatsapp threat in which hackers are using video file to spread a malicious code in your device. So, in future we an image spreads virus in WhatsApp then we should not be surprised as currently video file spreading virus in WhatsApp.

2.     Single Message Can Hack Our WhatsApp Account: If this happened, then definitely our whatsapp is not secure and we should use other whatsapp alternative. Because on whatsapp anyone can send message to anyone anytime without any message acceptance restriction. In this scenario if you received malicious coded message from unknown number you will be get hacked.

Note: This is just a whatsapp hack assumption.

3.    Ads can hack WhastsApp: Till now Whatsapp is the only messaging app which you can use without any in ads interruptions. However the scenario is soon going to change, because few months back, Facebook announced and confirmed that whatsapp in-app ads will be launched in 2020. If it comes true, then it will create a new way for hackers to get inside your device. In this digital world there is a thing which called “Virus Ads” which uses in online advertising to spread malware. It typically involves injecting malicious or malware in the advertisements which might let hackers to get inside your device.

Note: Above listed new whatsapp hacks are just our assumptions. We do not have any legal proof or any information about such hacks of WhatsApp.

So, these are the hacks we are thinking could come in WhatsApp in 2020. What do you think about listed whatsapp threat? What do you think what could be the other WhatsApp hack?

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