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Buying a smartphone is like investing money in share market, as like a share market, it’s difficult to decide which phone to buy or on which phone should you or me, invest our money. To get you out from this situation, we came up with a gadget review website called “PhoneScoop”.

You may be using the gadgets review websites before buying a phone or other gadget, but the website we are talking about is somewhat different from the rest of the phone review websites. If you were confused about which website provides best phone reviews, then we recommend you to read the article till the end. As in the article we have discuss about What makes phone scoop best phone review website? and compared with other available smartphone review websites.

What is PhoneScoop?

Maybe you heard a term “gadget reviewing websites”, if not, then let us explain you clearly. Basically, gadget review websites posts a review about gadget specifications, features, features missing in a gadget and all that. So that you, me or anyone can figure out which phone or gadget is best to buy.

Like we said earlier, Phonescoop is a smartphones review website. They post reviews about smartphones released or going to release in USA. By starting in 2001, they regularly publish hands-on phone reviews and reports. Also a guide of every new technology that comes in the market.

Now, the question must be coming in your mind that how is this different from other review websites? So let’s talk about it too.

Why PhoneScoop is different from other reviewing websites?

Why PhoneScoop Best
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First thing that makes this website different from other review websites is it’s design/UI. Design of the website is so simple and classic as compare to other reviewing website. Personally, we like the design of the website, because it’s easy to read and navigate on simple design websites like a Phone Scoop.

Second thing that makes it different from others is it’s database. By starting in 2001, phonescoop has huge database with searchable information. Means, you can search for any smartphone review, like: you can search for Nokia 1100 review.

Third and most important thing that makes it different is it’s features/sections.  Phonescoop has different sections like: Phones, Phone Finder, News, Carriers, Android, iOS and etc. Which provides you different information about phone and related to technology.

How to use PhoneScoop?

Phone Scoop is the Web site of record for the mobile phone industry. Below we listed it’s sections that they provide on their website, and how those sections are useful.

Sections of Phone Scoop

Phones:  First section of the website is phones, where you can search smartphones by their brand, or by the carrier type used in a smartphone. In a phones section you will get an option of new releases smartphones along with option to see phones that have recently been approved by the FCC.

FCC is the U.S. government branch that must approve all radio-transmitting devices before they can legally be sold for use in the United States.

Phone Finder

Phone Scoop Phone Finder
Credit: Image taken from PhoneScoop

Phone Finder is the second section of the Phone Scoop, where you can filter the smartphones on the basis of specifications and features you would like in your ideal phone.

In a phone finder you get Simple Mode and Weighted Mode options to filter the smartphone list.  Simple Mode helps you to quickly find out smartphones on the basis of specifications and features you would like to have in your phone.

Whereas in Weighted Mode you mark certain features as optional and mark certain features important.

News: Third and one of important section of the website.  As in a news section you will get complete information about latest technology  like: Fcc has opens up 6GHz band for WiFi , Motorola has made come back with edge+ flagship smartphone.

So, with Phone Scoop news section make yourself updated with the latest technology that comes in the market.

Carriers: Cell phone carriers are nothing, they are just a cell phone companies who provides cellular service to individual cell phone users to make their communication better.

So on carriers section you will get the information about all the cell phone carriers, and coverage information and images of smartphones which they support.

Android &  iOS: Maybe these two sections doesn’t require any special introduction, as name telling the whole story about two sections. The two sections provides information about individual phone OS.

Since it’s phone scoop website,  something special for you in these two sections. There is a fourm section in both Android & iOS section where you can ask your question as well can share your opinion or answer on existing questions. But to use forum you have to register yourself on phonescoop website.

So, these are some key features or you can say services that are offered by phonescoop. These services makes phone scoop different from rest phone review websites.

PhoneScoop Compare with other reviewing websites

Phone Arena vs Phone Scoop

Phone Arena another big name and leading website of phone reviews. The website has started in 2001, from that time to now phone arena has reviewed over 6000 mobile phones of 120+ manufacturers. Comparing with Phonescoop, Phone Arena has latest UI design with rich-content news section.

There is one thing that makes these two websites different from each other, is Phone Finder. Phone Scoop’s combined (Simple Mode and Weighted Mode) phone finder makes users to easily filter smartphones as per their specifications and features needs. Whereas in a Phone Arena, they made a specific section for camera, features, price comparisons. Which may be a tough for users to filter out phones as per their specifications requirements.

Fone Arena vs Phone Scoop

Fone  Arena another leading phone review website. Personally, we like the homepage of this website. As home page design is too simple with all the necessary content that users wants to read. Major thing that we don’t like about this website is it’s User interface, yes because except homepage none of the page is responsive or you can user friendly. Content of a page is overlapping on other content.

Apart from design, the website has options like gallery, wallpaper, screensavers. But those are not that much special things, that user cares about. In our opinion PhoneScoop is better than the Fone Arena in all terms whether it’s design or features/services they offers.

Most viewed phone review of PhoneScoop

LG Stylo 4 Plus Review

Review of LG Stylo 4 Plus smartphone is the most viewed review by the users. In a review of this smartphone they said:

This step up from the standard Stylo 4 has water resistance, fast charging, more memory, and a better main camera. Other features of this mid-range Android phone include a premium metal design, large and tall display, stylus, USB-C port, fingerprint reader, and memory card slot.


Finally, it’s a time to end the article with last few words and lines about Phone Scoop. Maybe you know what we are going to say in last few lines. Any guess? no, that’s ok.

So, before buying a smartphone you should consult with others about the phone or  should read the review about phone on PhoneScoop review website. As phone scoop is one of best website to read hands on review of every new smart phone technology. Website offers great user interface with different features like phone finder, carriers and etc. So, we think you should give a chance to this website, and read a review of smartphone which you are going to buy from this website.

Before going to end, we want to ask you, do you know any similar website like phonescoop? If yes, then please mention it in comment so that we and others can know about it. Also we can list that website in comparison section of this article.

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