Did You Know? This President Using 18 Years Old Windows XP Computer

Nowadays where there is a fear of hacking, there is also a President who still uses an 18 year old Windows XP computer. But who’s that president?

President who using 18 year old Windows XP Computer?

Microsoft has already warned world to stop using Windows XP, But still their is one president who is using this old operating system in office as well as in home too. And that is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s who is using old windows xp in office as well in home computer. Even though Russia has been accused of hacking in US elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin is still lagging behind in cyber security.

Actually, Vladimir Putin is still using Windows XP in his Kremlin office computer. He is also using this operating system on home computers. Picture captured from putin office claimed, that he using windows xp computer.


But is true that he using old XP computer?  if yes than why he is still using that old operating system computer?

What’s the truth behind the picture?

According to the picture, Putin is sitting at his desk and running a Windows XP computer. According to Mikhail Kalimarev, head of Russia’s Independent Internet Protection Society, Putin is really using XP computer.

But why is Putin using such an old system?

Why is the President of Russia using it despite the risk of hacking? Actually the reason behind this is Secret-Defense Certification, because the operating system after Windows XP has not got Secret-Defense Certification. However, this operating system will soon be replaced by the Russian operating system Astra Linux.

So, this is the whole story behind the putin who is using old windows xp.

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