Sony Launches Reon Pocket AC: Cost about Rs. 9,000

Sony has launched a new kind of wearable AC Air Conditioner (AC) named Reon Pocket AC, which you can wear with your clothes. The Reon Pocket AC is of phone size and even lighter and smaller than a mobile phone. This wearable and portable AC called Reon Pocket AC releases cool air through a small rear panel. Anyone who wants to use this Reon Pocket AC can wear it using a special undershirt. This wearable pocket AC of phone size works with the battery and its temperature can be adjusted by using a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. The rechargeable battery of the Reon Pocket Air Conditioner can last for 90 minutes after charging for two hours.

There is a need for undershirt or innerwear for wearing the Reon Pocket wearable AC or Air Conditioner. The innerwear or undershirt for wearing the Reon Pocket AC is found in ‘S’, ‘M’, and ‘L’ sizes. A pocket is made inside the neck of the undershirt or innerwear in which device or AC of phone size can be kept or inserted. The wearable AC or pocket Air Conditioner is made for men only. The total cost of the Reon Pocket wearable AC or Air conditioner including the price of an undershirt is 14,080 yen (Rs. 8,992.61).


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It is claimed by the Tokyo-based company that it has adopted the Peltier element for this Air Conditioner (AC) which is normally used in wine coolers and cars. The Reon Pocket AC or wearable AC Project of Sony is a kind of crowdfunded project. So, the project has received an amount of 28,236,670 yen and its targeted amount is 66,000,000.

This wearable pocket device is made by using a lithium-ion-battery. Reon Pocket AC supports Bluetooth 5.0LE connected phones. It keeps you cool enough to live fresh all the time. This wearable AC or Reon Pocket AC is not waterproof. But any dirt, water droplets, sweat that stick with it can be wiped out with a hygroscopic soft cloth. This wearable Air Conditioner is available only in Japan.

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