Teenager Created a Fake Twitter Account for TimePass, Twitter Verified It

Recently, a 17-year-old US teenager’s fake Twitter account got verified. From the leak of this Twitter news, many questions are being raised on the account management system of Twitter. How did Twitter verify the fake account? What did Twitter do with that fake account? Did Twitter take any legal action against the fake account? Read this Twitter News article to get the answer.

Twitter News: Twitter Verified a Fake US Congressional Candidate Account

Last year on December 2019, a 17-year-old US student created a fake account named Andrew Walz. And in the profile he mentioned himself a “proven business leader” and a “passionate advocate for students.” Walz, a Republican from Rhode Island, is running for Congress with the tagline, ‘Let’s make change in Washington together”.

According to edition.cnn.com report “Earlier this month, Walz’s account received a coveted blue checkmark from Twitter as part of the company’s broader push to verify the authenticity of many Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates currently running for office”.

The student was quoted that he created a fake account to test Twitter’s election integrity efforts. Also he mentioned that it took 20 minutes to create a website for his fake candidate and five minutes to make the Twitter account.

Basically, blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. Other than this, Verified Account also gets benefit of personal branding, twitter analytics, new follower and much more. And last year in December 2019, Twitter announced that it would give a blue checkmark to verify all 2020 congressional and gubernatorial candidates. Due to this Fake US Congressional Candidate Account Created by a Teenager got verified by twitter this year.

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Let’s come to the topic, What step did twitter took against this Andrew Walz fake account?

Twitter suspended the account when alerted.

According to Twitter Spokesperson, “The creation of a fake candidate account is in violation of our rules and the account has been permanently suspended”.

After this incident, questions are now arising on Twitter that what new preparations will the company make for the US election in 2020? What new steps will they take against such fake accounts?

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