Here is Why WhatsApp Banning Groups and Users?

After being hacked, Social media giant WhatsApp is working on their platform security. And as results lots of WhatsApp users have reported being banned from the platform for being participants in groups with suspicious or malicious names. Here in this article we answered why whatsapp banned users? How you can secure yourself from being banned from WhatsApp? so without further ado, let’s start the things…

WhatsApp Banned Users and Groups! Why?

As per report of WABetaInfo(Beta Tester of WhatsApp), WhatsApp is reportedly banning users who are participants of groups with illegal names or subjects. And also banning whatsApp groups with names which promotes illegal and suspicious & malicious activities from its platform. As a result, each member that particular group gets banned from WhatsApp.

Mowe11 was the first user who shared getting banned report on reddit, on reddit he said that he and other group members was banned after his university group’s name was changed to ‘Child’s Pornography’. He said they all got banned from WhatsApp without any prior notice.

Another user from Reddit, FranciscoAlfaro, shared same thing. FranciscoAlfarao said, it was in a group of his school, having about 100 participants. When he woke up, all members were mysteriously banned with no apparent reason.


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As per banned users, when they try to contacting WhatsApp, they received automatic responses saying that they’ve violated the rules of the messaging app and that they won’t reply again. So, in this case, someone that was wrongly banned can’t do anything and cannot receive the assistance from WhatsApp. People are forced to change their phone number, losing their chat history.

The new ban practice could be an automated process on WhatsApp’s side which detects such activities through metadata. WABetaInfo explains, “Probably this is the only way that WhatsApp can use to detect malicious groups, seen that chats and calls are end-to-end encrypted and they cannot see the content of the group, so they see its metadata (group date creation, group subject, group description etc..).”

So, we only can suggest you to stay out of such groups, and if you are a group admin, use new Group Info Restriction feature, so only as admin you will change the group info.

At last we want to know what you think Is this an right solution? to secure WhatsApp. Because might be users changed group subject or shared such things just for fun. Or might be a user wants all to get banned from WhatsApp. Share you answer in below comment section.

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