WhatsApp Dark Mode: How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on the final touch ups of whatsapp dark mode feature. Dark mode of whatsapp has become a trend these days. There were rumors that WhatsApp is working on dark mode feature, And thanks to WABetainfo (WhatsApp Beta Tester) who confirmed that WhatsApp is working on dark mode feature and soon it will available for all the WhatsApp users. In this article we have answered some general questions related to this upcoming whatsapp feature, like: What is whatsapp dark mode? What this dark mode feature will do? When dark mode feature available in your WhatsApp? How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp? Is Dark mode available in Web WhatsApp? So, without any further ado lets start the article.

whatsapp dark mode

What is WhatsApp Dark Mode & What This Feature Will Do?

Dark mode in WhatsApp is basically a dark background with light colored text, icons and other light colored graphical interface. As Dark mode is a simplest solution of potential eye strain by inverting the colours.

Is Dark Mode available in Web WhatsApp?

It’s quite possible that Facebook will offer dark mode in its web version. As it will be a great will be provide great user experience to WhastApp web users. But except facebook no one knows whether dark mode available in web whatsapp.

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When Dark Mode Feature available in your WhatsApp?

Everyone wants to know when this anticipated and rumored feature is available for use. As we said earlier that WhatsApp is working on the final finish up, And as per WABetainfo reports, We can expect this feature will be available till the end of first-quarter of 2020.

How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp?

Currently Dark mode feature is not available for use, However there’s a workaround that allows users to use dark theme on Web WhatsApp. To use it, follow below steps to enable dark mode in whatsapp web. But before that remember few things that trick will only work in two browser: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You must have latest version installed of these browsers in your PC/Laptop to use this feature. And most importantly your browser must have stylus extension installed.


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how to enable dark mode in whatsapp

Steps to enable whatsapp dark mode in web version of WhatsApp

  • Install the Stylus extension if not installed in Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox Only
  • After that click on link
  • Once you visit on the link you will see several dark colored themes including, choose one and select “Install style”
  • Now Go back to WhatsApp Web and reload the page

The dark theme will appear on the WhatsApp Web. Now you will be able to experience how official dark mode will look like and work.

Steps to enable dark mode in Android

  • Go to Settings > Display > Select theme > Dark
  • Once the dark mode is turned on, go to Settings > About phone
  • Scroll down to ‘Build number’ and tap on it seven times
  • You will see a message pop-up saying ‘Developers options is turned on’. Tap on ‘Override force-dark’ so that you can apply the dark theme to other apps
  • Dark theme is now enabled on WhatsApp but the wallpaper in chat threads still needs to be changed to enjoy the dark mode to its fullest
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings > Wallpaper > None and you are good to go

Steps to enable dark mode in iOS

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours > Smart Invert
  • You have now enabled dark theme across all the apps in the device
  • Same as Android, you will have to choose dark or no wallpaper for WhatsApp chat threads.  Go to WhatsApp Settings > Wallpaper> None

Upcoming WhatsApp Features/ Recently Released WhatsApp Updates

Here is a list of some features that have made it to the app recently or are underworks.

Group invite: WhatsApp made a small but very effective change to its group privacy feature recently. The update has replaced the “Nobody” option to “My contact except” which gives better control to you to manage who can add you in groups. Via this feature People will be required to send a group invite via personal chat and user will have three days to accept or decline the invite.

Netflix in WhatsApp: WhatsApp beta users on iOS can now stream Netflix trailers in PiP mode within the app. Note that the PiP mode was launched earlier this year but it did not support Netflix videos.

Fingerprint lock: WhatsApp launched the FaceID lock and fingerprint lock feature for iOS users earlier this year, months before it launched. the feature on Android. The feature ensures better privacy on the app when your phone is left unattended.

Boomerang feature for iOS: Similar to Instagram, iOS users can now use the Boomerang feature to create GIFs of less than seven seconds. The feature is available on iOS only for now.

So, this is the latest update we got so far for whatsapp dark mode feature. Will update article or publish a new and fresh one, when we get other information related to this upcoming feature!! Till that comment what do you think when dark mode feature will launched and will be available for our use?

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