Whatsapp Delete for Everyone: 5 Important things you need to know about this feature

No doubt that how popular WhatsApp is? this app features makes it one of the popular and engaging social media platform. And from those popular features, one such feature is ‘delete for everyone’. WhatsApp delete for everyone feature us to delete specific messages that we have sent to an individual. But while the feature is great, there are some limitations of ‘delete for everyone’ feature. So before you use ‘delete for everyone’ in WhatsApp, you must know about 5 limitations of this feature.

5 Limitations of WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature:

WhatsApp Version

For message to be deleted, both you and recipient should use latest WhatsApp Version. The feature will work only if both users are using whatsapp latest version.

Recipient Can See Deleted Message

For this, it’s 50 percent chances that Recipient may see the message before you delete it. Suppose you have delete the message immediately, there is a chance that recipient may have seen the message in notifications before you have delete it.

No Return Notification

According to WhatsApp, you will not get any notification of message deleted. Which means if your app fails to delete to message which you requested, you will not be notified.

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No Photos Delete for iOS

According to WhatsApp, they are not able to delete photos/videos sent to iOS device. Despite being deleted from chats, Recipient can view photos and videos in their iphone’s media store

“WhatsApp Delete For Everyone” Time Limit

Back in days, to use this feature you got 7 minutes after you have sent the message. But now the limit has been extended and now you got an hour to use WhatsApp ‘Delete for everyone’ feature.

So, these are 5 limitations of WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ features, that you must take care or know about before using this feature in whatsapp. If you like this information about ‘Delete for Everyone’ Feature, then don’t forget to share it with others.

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