WhatsApp New Features 2020: Much Awaited 9 Upcoming Features

WhatsApp, features of this app makes it one of the most popular messaging application in the world. Right now, when you are reading this article, WhatsApp is working on some new and interesting features which will make your chatting more interesting and easy. Here we came up with some Upcoming WhatsApp New Features that you should look out for.

These upcoming whatsapp features will not only make messaging interesting but also provides security for your chats. So, here are whatsapp new features that can arrive in 2020:

WhatsApp Upcoming Features 2020

#Feature 1:  Self Destructing Message

Just like gmail’s self-destructing mail, snaps of snapchat, Soon WhatsApp going to introduce self destructing message feature. With this feature, you can roll back your sent message within 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, or even 30 days.

#Feature 2: WhatsApp Splash Screen

With this upcoming whatsapp feature, as a user you will see a welcome window with whatsapp logo whenever you open the whatsapp messaging app. Currently, this splash screen feature is available in Android & iOS whatsapp beta version.

#Feature 3: Message Delete Notification

WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature has one drawback, which is, whatsapp won’t notify you when the app fails to delete message which you requested. However, it quite possible that this whatsapp will solve this issue, and introduce new feature which notify when the ‘Delete for everyone’ feature delete the feature.

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#Feature 4: WhatsApp New Payment

This year, it quite possible that WhatsApp release whatsapp payment feature for all the android and iOS users.

#Feature 5: Face Unlock Feature

Last Year, We have seen fingerprint scanner security feature in WhatsApp, which works as similar to other fingerprint security. Now in 2020, whatsapp might introduce another ‘face unlock’ security feature. The face unlock feature which would work in a similar fashion as face unlock on our phones. However, there no more details available for this feature yet.

#Feature 6: WhatsApp Support Multi-Device

As per sources, This feature is available in iOS, and quite possible that it will be available for android users till the end of this year. As per this feature, you will able to use the same WhatsApp account on more than one device.

#Feature 7: No status for contact list

With this upcoming whatsapl feature, you can hide your whatsapp Status for muted whatsapp contacts. As per sources, there will be a show button to unhide the status for muted contacts.

#Feature 8: WhatsApp Call Waiting Support

As per report, this feature is available for iPhone users, and might be this year this feature will available for android users too. With the help of this feature, you will be able to receive another whatsapp call while you are already on whatsapp call.

#Feature 9: WhatsApp Advertisement

Last but not the least whatsapp advertisement, from a long time, peoples are saying that Ads can appear in Whatsapp. And in reply to this topic, Facebook has confirmed that it may bring advertisements to the Status section. And might be this is the year when they can start to show the ads in WhatsApp status section.

So, these are 9 upcoming whatsapp new features that you should use once they officially get rolled out. Apart from these features, is there any feature that you think whatsapp should introduce? If, yes then mentioned that feature in below comment section.

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