WhatsApp Confirms A New Threat: All WhatsApp Users Are At Risk!

According to WhatsApp, a potential hacker can take control over your smartphone by spreading/sending infected video files on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New MP4/Video Threat

It seems that Facebook-Owned WhatsApp is not having a good time. After Pegasus incident, which was used to snoop on around 1,400 WhatsApp users in 20 countries including Indian journalists and activists. Now WhatsApp has confirmed that there is another threat found on there platform, Through which hacker can take a control over your smartphone.

The messaging giant Whatsapp has accepted that this new threat, is similar to recently founded pegasus threat. According to WhatsApp, Hacker use victim number to send a video file through WhatsApp and install an unwanted program in their phones exploiting such vulnerability. After injecting threat Hacker can get access of our device, your smartphone data, Or can spy on your chats/conversation. As per communication reports, The security issues exists in both Individual(Normal WhatsApp) and Business whatsapp. Which means everyone personal/important information are not secure from this threat.

On this issue facebook said, “A stack-based buffer overflow could be triggered in WhatsApp by sending a specially crafted MP4 file to a WhatsApp user. The issue was present in parsing the elementary stream metadata of an MP4 file and could result in a DoS or RCE.”

According to Facebook, Android devices which have 2.19.274 or previous version(WhatsApp) installed, iOS versions prior to 2.19.100, Windows Phone versions before and including 2.18.368 are affected by this new threat. Business WhatsApp in android which have 2.19.104 or previous versions and iOS versions prior to 2.19.100 are affected by this threat.

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Why & How to be safe from this video threat of WhatsApp ?

We all need to be safe from this threat, as we all have precious/personal/important data in our smartphone. Which we don’t want any other personal take or use it without our permission. To make data secure WhatsApp, has rolled out security update for their app for this threat.

To make yourself secure user/you have to make your whatsapp up-to-date. And most importantly do not download video received from unknown number as it could be a infected video file.

Note: Turn off auto media download in whatsapp settings. So that if you receive infected video files it won’t get downloaded and won’t spread malware or any other security vulnerability.

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