WhatsApp Video Call: WhatsApp Just Got Group Video Call Upgrade

WhatsApp has released a new beta update for both Android & iOS to boost up WhatsApp Video Call feature. With this update WhatsApp has set some participants limit. Also applied some changes on group call button.

WhatsApp Video Call : Latest Beta Update

From the start of April, WhatsApp was working on feature that allows you/users to add more than 4 people/participants in group call. And now this is the time when WhatsApp did it, with recent beta version, WhatsApp has extended group video call participants limit from four to eight.

While it’s quarantine all over the world, we should give extra credit to companies like whatsapp, microsoft etc for making their communications more easy and beneficial.

How to Add 8 Participants in WhatsApp Group Video Call?

While releasing this beta update, WhatsApp has tweeted,

We’ve made it easier than ever to start a group call from WhatsApp for groups of 4 or less. From your group chat tap the video or voice call icon to directly start a call with everyone in the chat!

Note: To use this beta update, you have to install iOS beta update from TestFlight and the 2.20.133 beta from Google Play. And other participants of video call needs to use same versions, otherwise they cannot be added in the group call.

If you and participants are using latest beta update, then you have two ways to do group video call:

  • Open a group and tap the Call button: if the group has only four people or less than four, then you can directly start a call without choosing the participants. As all participants will be automatically added in the call.
  • But if the group has more than 4 members, WhatsApp will ask which contacts you wish to call to, Open the Calls tab, tap the Call button, then select New group call: here you can select which contacts to call.

But if, you want to do group video call with more than 8 participants?

WhatsApp Video Call Alternatives

As we asked earlier, what you do if you want to do group video call with more than 8 participants? Here is some alternatives of WhatsApp Video Call:


To do group video chat with more than 8 participants you can use WhatsApp parent company “Facebook”, Yes up-to 50 people can do video chat on Facebook Messenger at once.


No video conferencing list can be complete without Skype. Skype offers upto 50 peoples to do video chat on Skype messenger at once.


Another best video calling app for both Android and iOS. Zoom is a freemium app, On zoom for free you can do 40-minutes call. For more minutes you can select $14.99 monthly plan. On zoom you can add upto 100 peoples in video call for free.

Google Hangouts

Just like other listed video apps, Google Hangouts also an popular video chat app. On google hangouts you can do group video call with other 9 participants.

So, these are some best video calling apps that you can as WhatsApp Video Call Alternatives. Listed apps not only provides more participants, but also provides some great features compare to whatsapp group video call.

What Have We Missed?

So, this is all about WhatsApp video call. Do you know any other apps or platform to do group video call with more than 8 participants? Comment down your answer, so that others can know about it.

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